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May 19, 2023

Best Beaches in Galveston for Families

Galveston is a great place with lots of history, tasty seafood, and amazing beaches. Families coming to this fun city have loads of beaches to choose from, each with its own special vibe. But let’s talk about seven of the best beaches for families to visit in Galveston to make great summer memories.

Stewart Beach

People often say Stewart Beach is the best beach in Galveston, especially for families. It’s a safe place for kids to swim because there are lifeguards stationed all over. The beach has lots of fun stuff to keep the kids entertained like a playground, sand volleyball, and food stands. They also have fun events like sandcastle competitions and live music throughout the year so be sure to check what’s going on while you’re in the area!

East Beach

East Beach is the biggest beach in Texas and is known for being really lively. It gets super busy in the summer with lots of festivals, concerts, and beach parties. But it’s not just for parties. East Beach has things families can enjoy from picnic spots to bird-watching to fishing piers. And if you just want a good old fashioned swim, there are lifeguards stationed around the beach.

BeachTown Development

BeachTown Development is a quiet neighborhood with a beach. It’s a great place to go if you want to experience a beach town without most of the tourists. They have an ice cream shop and Porch Cafe which has great food and some amazing ocean views. 

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park is perfect for adventurous and outdoor loving families. It’s a long beach with a plethora of trails containing plenty of things to see. Camping more your style? Well, you can even camp overnight here, and there are always rangers and staff that are happy to teach kids about the nature and animals around them! 

Sylvan Beach Park

Located in La Porte, not too far from Galveston, Sylvan Beach Park boasts some incredibly soft sand and calm waves. There is also a playground, a fishing pier, a skate park, and some picnic tables. Lucky beachgoers may find themselves so fossilized shark teeth buried in the sand! 

San Luis Pass Pocket Park

San Luis Pass Pocket Park may be the quietest beach in Galveston, that is probably because of the high currents that the area is famous for, but it has some great fishing spots and places to birdwatch! The water itself looks beautiful and the nearby marshlands often are teeming with wildlife for those interested in nature. 

Surfside Jetty County Park

Surfside Jetty County Park is almost never crowded and always very clean. Stepping out onto the jetty offers some great views of the water and the many ships that sail through. Nearby picnic tables, volleyball courts, and playgrounds also offer something for kids of all ages! 

All these beaches are great for families and they all have something special. Whether you like the busy East Beach or the calm San Luis Pass Pocket Park, Galveston’s beaches are a great choice for a family trip. So don’t forget your sunscreen and beach towel and get ready for a fun beach trip to Galveston. And if you need an awesome beach house for your family’s trip to the beach, check out our homes here!

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