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November 1, 2022

Golf Carts: The Best Way to Get Around in Galveston

Before we talk about one of our favorite ways to get around on the Texas Gulf Coast— spoiler alert, it’s golf carts!— we need to give you a short-and-sweet geography lesson. You see, Galveston Island is split into two distinct sections— the east end and the west end. 

The east end is the original, historic section of the island. Here, you’ll find the charming downtown area with all of its preserved architecture, delicious restaurants, endless shopping, and The Strand. This is also the section where you’ll find the Seawall beaches. Take a look inside The Victoria House (pictured above) to get a taste of what life is like in the idyllic east end.

The west end of the island is where the majority of our beach vacation rentals are located. These homes are different than the east end homes in that they’re built on pilings and can often be found right on the beach— like Beachfront Sunset (pictured above) in Jamaica Beach— or a few short blocks away— like Villa La Isla (pictured below) in the Isla Del Sol community. 

The west end is a classic beach vacation spot, with miles and miles of sandy shoreline. There’s a bit of laid-back nostalgia here too that invokes the old-school beach vacations you may remember from when you were a kid. Mom-and-pop grocery stores, casual cafes, paddleboard rentals, and beachfront homes with cozy fire pits for roasting s’mores all combine to create a picture-perfect, relaxing, beachfront escape. 

One of the best ways to get around all these cool spots— and sometimes even drive right onto the beach— is to rent a golf cart. Golf carts are super-easy to park and endlessly fun to ride around in. Rest assured that the kids will love it! A special note: for safety reasons, golf carts are allowed to cross over San Luis Pass Road— the main highway on Galveston Island— but not to drive down this busy road. 

Nearly every one of the different beach communities on the west end of the island has its own community beach access point. Texas gulf coast locals and visitors alike all love to hop in their golf cart to head to the beach. 

Golf carts are also super-convenient for picking up some quick supplies, visiting a community swimming pool, grabbing some dinner at a local restaurant, or— if you’re staying in Sea Isle—  taking a break at The West End Marina. And frankly, it’s just a fun experience! Nothing says “vacation” better than a joy ride to the beach in your golf cart with the fresh, ocean air blowing through your hair. Vroom vroom!

Drive Right Onto the Beach

There are three west end neighborhoods where you can drive your car or your golf cart right onto the sand. It’s so convenient and it means there’s no lugging around of supplies. 

Jamaica Beach is located right next to Galveston Island State Park and includes a nice selection of delicious restaurants and shops. Check out The Crab Shack (pictured above), a classic 3-bedroom A-frame built on a shimmering, deep water canal.

Kind of considered a bit of a local secret, Terramar has fantastic fishing and lovely, quiet beaches. Big Kahuna (pictured above) is just what you picture when you hear that name— a massive 5-bedrooms home with space for 24 people, a huge dock, and a 2-minute drive to the beach.

Sea Isle is a quaint beach community with a community pool and pier that has great fishing. Get a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea (pictured above) and rent a golf cart, and you have the perfect combination for an unforgettable Texas Gulf Coast vacation. 

Park Your Cart at the Beach Access Point

Not too far from the main attractions in Galveston, Pirates Beach has the best of both worlds— easy beach access and endless entertainment options too. You’ll want to stop in Waterman’s Marina and Restaurant, a local favorite spot with delicious dining overlooking the water. For the perfect Pirates Beach home base, take a look inside Buccaneer Manor (pictured below), a huge house with space for 24 people. 

Keep in mind this beautiful beach community allows you to pull your golf cart right up to the access point, but only allows foot traffic on the sand. This makes for a bit of a quieter and calmer beach day, but know that you’re going to have to carry some supplies to your spot. 

Pick Your Cart

At BeachBox, we have a partnership with Galveston Golf Carts! Just give them a call at 409-996-9068. You will receive a $5 discount when you mention you were referred by BeachBox!

If you have any questions about golf cart rentals in Galveston, give us a call or drop us a line anytime. Our local team of BeachBox experts is always here for you, and we love helping families like yours plan their ultimate Texas Gulf Coast dream vacation. 

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