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November 1, 2022

Our Favorite Grocery Stores on the Gulf Coast

Grocery shopping. It’s not the most exciting activity in the world. And it’s definitely not something you’re looking forward to doing on vacation. But one of the best parts about renting a BeachBox home for your Texas Gulf Coast vacay — besides the privacy, convenience, and beautiful beaches — is having a space to store your groceries. Yes, we’re serious! Having 24/7 access to a fully-stocked, pristine kitchen elevates any family holiday from mediocre to magical. Allow us to explain…

Imagine waking up in the morning in your spectacular BeachBox vacation rental — like this one. The sunshine is streaming in through the windows and the gentle sea breeze rustles the curtains. Instead of shuffling down to the lobby for stale coffee (like you would in a hotel) you brew your own pot of piping hot coffee and prepare it just like you would at home. The pantry is stuffed with fresh bagels and the kids’ favorite cereals, and the fridge is filled with all the fixings to make some delicious omelets or fluffy pancakes. 

In the afternoon, everyone is “kinda” hungry, but no one wants to leave the comfort of your beautiful beachfront deck. And why would you when it looks like this? So you whip up a cheese and cracker tray, a plate of nachos, or some veggies and dip to munch on while sipping on a cold beer or frozen margarita. 

That night, instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a local restaurant, you grill some juicy burgers on the barbecue, then roast marshmallows over the coals. Trust us— the kitchen (and the groceries inside the kitchen) — are the unsung heroes of a blissful BeachBox vacation.

If you would rather maximize your beach time and minimize your time spent in the grocery aisle, we don’t blame you. Simply contact our friends at Sea La Vie Galveston concierge services and they can deliver your grocery order right to your front door. They’ll even deliver and store your order before you even arrive!

Here are a few of our favorite grocery stores to stock up on supplies on your first day in town.

Seven Seas Grocery 

17523 Termini Pass Road

We’ll start small, with this neighborhood grocery and deli. Painted bright turquoise and located near Jamaica Beach, Seven Seas Grocery is a popular local shop that’s perfect for picking up some essentials. For a mom-and-pop store, they have an impressive selection of grocery items, dairy products, and meats. 

This is also a great spot to stop when you need a cute souvenir or some beach supplies on the fly— they sell boogie boards, beach toys, towels, and sunscreen.

Hummel’s General Store & Deli

13722 Termini Pass Road

A little further north on Termini Pass Road, in the quaint Pirate’s Beach neighborhood, is Hummel’s General Store & Deli. Fully stocked with everything you need — from milk to bread to peanut butter — they also have a delicious deli that will make traditional sandwiches and burgers for you while you shop. Try their pizza, too! And don’t forget to make a stop in “The Cave” for icy cold beers and chilled wine. 

Take a quick look inside our Pirates Cove vacation rental home that’s right around the corner from Hummel’s. With five bedrooms, a gorgeous galley kitchen, and a sun-drenched deck space with stunning views, your whole family will love spending some quality time here. 


2931 Central City Boulevard

A classic Texas grocery chain that’s known for its customer service and cleanliness, Randalls is the place to go for, well, pretty much everything. Like most large grocery chains, Randalls has an extensive deli department, seafood counter, butcher, pharmacy, florist, and a bakery. They also offer same-day delivery and a drive-up-and-go curbside service option.

Just a short drive away from Randalls is our Galveston Beach Lodge, a mini-compound with space for 14 people. There’s a main house plus a guest house and a patio for relaxing and grilling out. 

Arlan’s Market

513 Market Street

Arlan’s Market is another local chain store that offers clean stores, friendly staff, and tons of selection. If you’re looking for it, chances are Arlan’s will have it. Their sensational produce department rivals any farmer’s market. 

If you’re wanting to pinch a few pennies, Arlan’s prides itself on its weekly deals and discounts. They also have “Arlan’s Go” that allows you to order online, have your groceries delivered, or pick them up curbside.

Begin Your Next Trip to Galveston at Beach Box

When planning your next vacation to the Texas Gulf Coast, we know that grocery shopping isn’t exactly on the top of your mind. But with a smidge of planning— and a little help from BeachBox and Sea La Vie Galveston — grocery shopping will honestly catapult your holiday from “meh” to “yeah!” in no time. 

You and your family will love the convenience and togetherness of having a stocked kitchen to gather together and enjoy. And when you do want to venture out to a local restaurant, we have tons of local knowledge to share, including the best seafood, burgers, breakfast, coffee shops, and happy hours!

Browse through our selection of vacation rental homes to find your family’s happy place on the Texas Gulf Coast. And as always, give us a call or drop us a line for more info.

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