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November 1, 2022

Tips for Traveling to the Texas Gulf Coast with Your Pet

Even on the most relaxing vacations, there’s always a tiny bit of stress. What to pack, what to not pack, who will water the plants, what to do with the mail? It can be… a lot. One area that can be particularly stressful is what to do with the family pet during your vacay. If you’re anything like us, your four-legged friends are like family. And the thought of leaving them behind in the care of a crowded kennel or a strange pet sitter is — well, kinda horrifying.

That’s where BeachBox comes in.

We’re proud to share that almost all of our luxurious Texas Gulf Coast rental homes are completely pet-friendly. How cool is that? For a small fee, we’ll welcome your beloved Fido or Fifi with open arms, belly rubs, and lots of backyard space to run around. So skip the stress of leaving your best friend behind while you head off on vacation— and bring him along instead! 

Here are a few tips to help make your buddy’s trip a smooth one.

Read the fine print.

Each vacation rental home is different, so make sure you’re reading the home’s pet policy thoroughly. And be certain that you can adhere to the rules before you book. 

For example, at BeachBox, we allow 2-3 dogs under 50 pounds each in a home — depending on the home’s size. There is a $25 fee per pet, and we ask that you keep your pet(s) off of the furniture. Also, we require that you clean up after your pet’s messes in the yard and that your pet is safely confined to a crate or a kennel when you’re not at home. Just like the human guests in a home rental, we ask that the dogs be respectful of the space, too. Easy peasy.

Take a quick peek inside The Crab Shack (pictured above) — your pooch will love the fenced-in yard.

To drive or to fly?

It depends on the length of the trip, of course. But in our opinion, driving with pets is way better than flying with pets. Most dogs love a good road trip, and the rest stops to them are just as much fun as the final destination!

If you must fly, most smaller breeds of dogs can travel as a carry on in the cabin with you. Check each airline’s size requirements, and make sure you arrive extra early to make sure there are no hang-ups. Airlines that allow pets to travel in-cabin include American, Delta, JetBlue, and Southwest. Consider visiting your veterinarian before the flight to get a safe and soothing sedative for your pet to help with their travel anxiety (and yours!)

Get them comfy with the carrier.

Chances are, you’re going to want to confine your pet to a crate or carrier at some point during your trip. It keeps them safe and secure and prevents accidental damage when you’re away. At BeachBox, we require that pets are crated when you’re not at your rental home.

So, if you have a pet that’s unfamiliar with being crated, you’ll want to practice a bit beforehand. Make sure the crate is large enough so your pet can stand up and turn around easily. Line the kennel with fluffy blankets and favorite toys. Leave the door open, and throw some treats inside for your pet to find. Once your pet has been introduced to the new kennel, close the door for short periods of time, and reward him each time. Start this process a month or two before your trip so you have plenty of time for your pup to get comfy with this new crate. 

Packing for pets.

You’ll want to pack for your pet just like you would for yourself. Pack what you think you will need, but also plan for emergencies too. Pack an extra leash and a bit more food and treats than you think your pet will eat. 

Don’t forget any medications, their favorite toys, and a familiar blanket. Optional items include a collapsible water bowl, water safety vest, first-aid kit, and a tow-carrier for your bike.

Once you’ve arrived, your pup will love romping around a home like Beachy Blues (pictured above)— complete with a fenced-in outdoor area, tiki bar, and barbecue area. Perhaps he’ll score a stray hot dog?

Consider investing in some tech — and insurance.

Pet trackers are collars that are equipped with a GPS-locating system, which makes it easy to find a pet that has gone missing. These trackers can also alert you if your pet has gone outside of a designated area. High-tech accessories like this one can provide significant peace-of-mind on your vacation. has a wide selection to choose from. 

With pet insurance, you can provide the highest quality medical care to your furry friend. Things like accidents, illnesses, geriatric care, cancer treatment, and emergency care are covered. Pet insurance can be particularly helpful if you have an emergency during your trip and have to visit an unfamiliar veterinarian. This in-depth article can help you choose the best plan for you and your pet.

Pet-friendly spots in Galveston.

Your pup doesn’t have to stay home while you go exploring. There are plenty of pet-friendly places on the Texas Gulf Coast to enjoy and explore!

Grab a bite at Mosquito Cafe — This popular restaurant in Galveston has a patio where polite pups are welcome to lounge next to their humans. Serving up yummy fares like Huevos Rancheros, Warm Goat Cheese Salad, and Filet Mignon Tacos, the Mosquito Cafe is located at 628 14th Street and is open Tuesday through Sunday. 

Hit the beach at Stewart Beach Park — With a snack bar, restrooms, volleyball courts, and barbeque areas, this clean and friendly Galveston beach spot welcome all dogs on leashes. Your pup will love to romp and play in the surf and run along the shore. Make sure you bring bags to clean up after your pet! Parking is $15 for the whole day.

Shop at Strand Brass and Christmas on the Strand — The water bowl outside this shop welcomes your canine to come on in and do a little browsing. This shop features a year-round Christmas spirit and an endless selection of souvenirs, ornaments, nutcrackers, jewelry, wine glasses, and of course— pet gifts. Four-legged customers on leashes are always welcome at this charming and eclectic boutique. Located at 2115 Strand Street in Galveston, Strand Brass and Christmas on the Strand is open seven days a week.

Skip the stress of worrying about your pet while you’re away on your vacay — and bring him along instead! It’s easier than you think and can be fun and relaxing for both you and your pup.

As always, BeachBox is here to help you plan your next trip to the Texas Gulf Coast, pick the perfect home for your family, and provide any local recommendations. Give us a call or drop us a line today.

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